SunSynk inverters with Solar MD Lithium-Ion batteries have been tested and certified by Solar MD R&D department.

SunSynk inverters come in 2 sizes (5 kW and 8 kW) and is distributed by Ellies South Africa.


If you are installing SunSynk with Solar MD batteries for first time please read the SunSynk installation manual.

For this installation Logger V2 and active internet access during the commissioning is a requirement.


The maximum charge and discharge power of the inverter should be considered.


Supported models via CAN BUS: SunSynk 5 kW and 8 kW.


SunSynk and Solar MD Lithium-Ion batteries:

Can Bus (500kbit/s) is used between Solar MD Logger V2 and SunSynk and requires CAN translator software for digital control from the battery.


Minimum required hardware:


Battery modules required – 1x SS4074 SS202 (7.4kWh) per SunSynk 5kW.  Similarly 2x SS4074 SS202 (7.4kWh) per SunSynk 8kW.  This is important due to the maximum discharge current of the SunSynk.


CAN Communication:

For connection between Logger V2 and SunSynk, only the inverter must be connected to Logger V2.

SunSynk CAN BUS connection.png
Goodwe victron bridge.png CANBUS Victron Bridge

Digital control Configuration – CAN Translator software on LoggerV2

Firstly on the Solar MD portal ( select Victron Bridge on CANBUS 2:

Menu path:  My Devices → Logger → Interfaces →CANBUS 2.


Secondly choose Victron Bridge and proceed with a software reboot on the Logger V2 in the Tab “System Settings”.


On SunSynk proceed to set up the battery:  “setup as lithium” and the CAN bus speed 500kbit/s.


Menu path:  Settings → Battery Setup → Set up as lithium.


Finally the standard settings are set to 80% battery Depth of Discharge during the day and the night.


You will also be able to see Solar MD state of charge in “%” and kWh on the SunSynk display.