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Solar MD’s Containerized Mini-grid solution is an advanced Lithium-Ion storage unit built into a customized 6m, air-conditioned container. We designed the unit to be fully scalable to meet your storage requirement. Storage size for a containerized solution can range from 103.6 kWh to 1.15 MWh per container. The SolarMD mini grid solutions will combine diesel power and/or storage with renewable power sources. This  presents the following advantages over those with a single power source.


•  Reduction in the O&M costs for the community. For instance, there are no cost for increasing the usage of raw          energy sources such as the wind and the sun
•  Improved management of demand, thanks to the use of a source such as diesel, which is easier to manage than        the natural resource
•  Improved adaptability to the surrounding conditions, when different renewable power sources (e.g wind in              winter and sun in summer) are used, and when an appropriate percentage of battery storage is introduced
•  Ease of handling and operation remote control
•  Limited maintenance & localized support


•  Quick installation standard industrial containers
•  The containerised solution uses Solar MD’s flagship 7.4kWh battery modules (SS202) to provide reliable energy storage
•  Designed to operate under extreme conditions(remote locations) in any event
•  Customised solution for each situation
•  We made each individual component hot-swappable. Designed to make replacement hassle-free and fast. In addition to that, it enables you to use lower-skilled staff

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•  TuV certified world leading LiFePO4 cells combined in 14 to 156 SS202 Storage Module
•  7-way cabinet design for efficient power flow, space optimization and flexibility
•  Pre-commissioned and pre-tested energy containerized solution

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•  Ease of installation: We pre-configured the system in the factory, allowing for quick and easy installation
•  Turn-key solution:  SolarMD offers a complete energy management system. We bring down your cost in conjunction with saving your time by not needing or integrating parts from various manufacturers for our Mini-Grid Solution
•  Advanced battery management: The intelligent battery management system of SolarMD is able to extend the life of the storage system up to 30%
•  Unmatched reliability: The system’s modular architecture without a doubt allows load sharing between modules. In case of failure, the output power remains unaffected
•  No maintenance required: We designed our product for the world’s harshest conditions. In addition to that, SolarMD’s solution is manufactured to the highest standards. Our system also requires no maintenance