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Voltronic and Solar MD

Voltronic products with Solar MD Lithium-Ion batteries has been tested and certified by Solar MD R&D department.

One of the highest LCOE for PV+Storage on the residential level.  Voltronic and Solar MD is actively supported by Solar MD.

For this installation a Logger V2 and active internet access during the commissioning is a requirement.

The maximum charge and discharge power of the inverter should be considered.


Axpert MKS 5k

Axpert MKS is an off-grid inverter equipped with MPPT solar charge controller.


Serial communication (RS232) is used between Solar MD Logger V2 and Axpert MKS 5k, and also requires Axpert Ai software for digital control from the battery.


== System overview ==


Minimum required hardware:


The Logger V2 interfaces with each Battery Management System as well as with Axpert MKS.  Multiple inverters in parallel 

(read Parallel Installation Guide) and multiple batteries in parallel are supported.


Battery modules required – 1x SS4074 / SS202 (7.4kWh) per Axpert MKS 5k.  This is important due to the maximum discharge current of the Axpert MKS.



RS232 Communication:


For communication only one inverter needs to be connected to the Logger V2 for multiple Axpert MKS 5ks' with parallel kit.  

All inverters will be visible via the inverter parallel connection.


Download: Connection diagram.pdf



Digital control Configuration – Axpert Ai software on LoggerV2


Firstly, On the Solar MD portal ( Select Axpert Ai on RS232-1 (Serial port):

axpert ai.png

Menu path:  My Devices → Logger → Interfaces → RS232-1 (Serial port).


Secondly, Choose Axpert Ai, also proceed with Software reboot on the Logger V2 in the Tab “System Settings”.


Finally, the standard settings are set to 80% battery depth of Discharge during the day and the night.


Also this setting can be changed in the Axpert Ai device.

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