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Sungrow SH3K6 / SH5K30 ESS


Sungrow range is a low voltage IP65 rated product, therefore a robust and safe product. It is possible to leave fossil fuels behind you. Go solar. With the right kind and amount of PV panels on your roof and a Sungrow inverter in your basement, you’re set to give ever-rising electricity bills the cold shoulder.

Sungrow 1.png

A good option for Hybrid Grid-connected systems.

Can Bus (500kbit/s) is used between Solar MD Logger V2 and Sungrow, also requires CAN translator software for digital control from the battery.

Please carefully read the installation manual of Sungrow, if you are installing Sungrow and Solar MD for the first time.


== System overview ==


Wiring Schematics Goodwe ES and Solar MD

Minimum required hardware:


Battery modules required – per SS4074 / SS202 (7.4kWh) are 1 x installed Sungrow SH5K inverter.


CAN Communication:


For a connection between LoggerV2 and Sungrow SH5K inverter. Furthermore, only the inverter must be connected to Logger V2.


Digital control Configuration –  Translator software on LoggerV2


Firstly, on the Solar MD portal ( select CAN translator on CAN 2:


SMA CAN Translator Solar MD Logger V2

Menu path:  My Devices → Logger → Interfaces →CANBUS 2.


Secondly, choose CAN Translator, also proceed with Software reboot on the Logger V2 in the Tab “System Settings”.


Set up your system on Sungrow display.


On step 7 select “Battery configuration”, choose Lithium-Ion and enter the Ah of the installed system.


Finally, the standard settings are set to 70% battery Depth of Discharge during the day and the night.

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