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Xtender series

Studer and Solar MD Lithium-Ion battery has been tested with  Xtender 48V models and allows for system capacities from 0.5kVA to 72kVA and up to 2MWh Lithium-Ion storage.

  • off-grid systems

  • battery charger only

  • current injector

  • support to an AC source


== System overview ==


System overview Studer and Solar MD Lithium-Ion battery

The Solar MD Lithium-Ion battery system includes an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) within each battery module and requires Logger V2, due to the interface with the Studer Xcom-Can module.

To find out how to install the Solar MD Logger V2 watch this YouTube installation video.

The minimum required hardware for Studer + Solar MD system:


Minimum battery modules required and compatible models:

studer 1.png

For SS237 – 25.6V (24V systems) please contact Solar MD support team for further assistance.

CAN Communication:


For the connection between LoggerV2 and Xcom-Can module. Only the Xcom-Can module must be connected to Logger V2, hence the VarioTrack / VarioString MPPTs and Xtender  connect via private CAN to the Xcom-Can module.


Download: XCom-CAN manual, and read it carefully.


Arrange the DIP switches and Jumpers on the Xcom-CAN device as shown below:


Proceed to the Solar MD portal (


Select Universal CAN Translator on CAN2.


Menu path:  My Devices → Logger → Interfaces → CANBUS2.


After choosing Victron CAN Translator, proceed with Software reboot on the Logger V2 in the Tab “System Settings”.

Goodwe victron bridge.png

Solar MD Logger V2 – Studer translator

Finally, the standard settings are 90% battery Depth of Discharge.

Contact our support team for further information.

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